Install Kodi on Firestick – How to Guide for Kodi Firestick

We will describe the steps on how to Install Kodi on Firestick for our readers here. With developments in the app world, there are so many choices for entertainment purposes and one of those combinations is the Kodi App and Firestick.

This combination allows users to bring the advantageous features of both apps together (Kodi Firestick works really well).

Kodi Application is open source for users to access media content through the best features of the app. The Firestick is also one such device that allows the user to access TV channels and movies or any content whenever they want on their TV devices. Imagine the outcome of combining both together.

If you wish to install Kodi Firestick then continue reading this article to know how.

Install Kodi on Firestick using “adbLink”

In this article, you will see two methods by which we will explain to you how to install Kodi on Firestick. The first method is the download of Kodi for Firestick using the adblink file of Kodi.

This is a companion program of the Kodi App. It is usually used for the purpose of installing the app on the Android without SDK. The ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge used to set Android compatible files for different devices of another OS.

Kodi on Firestick

Firstly, you need to download the Kodi APK file and transfer it to your computer device so that you can proceed to set up the settings on your Firestick. To get the Kodi App, click on this link below and download the Kodi APK for Android devices;

Download Kodi APK file (latest)

Save this file on your computer and keep it accessible so that you may find it easily when required further in the process. Now follow the steps given here:

  • Connect your Firestick to your TV set and switch your TV set on.
  • On the settings for the Firestick device, follow the path to reach the options; “Settings >> System >> Developer options
  • You will find the Apps options which lead to enable “Unknown Sources” option and the ADB Debugging option. To continue with the process, you have to turn both these options “On”.
  • You may encounter a warning message while you switch on the option for unknown sources. Do not worry about this, because we are manually trying to install Kodi on Firestick so we have to do some changes with the settings. This change will not harm your device nor put it at a risk.
  • Next, we will have to look for the IP address of your Firestick device. If you know it then its good, but if you don’t know the IP then we’ll guide you through its steps to. Try this;
    • Under your Firestick settings, go to Systems option.
    • Next, select “about > Network” option and there you will find the option where the IP address is stated.
    • Note the given IP address for future preferences too.
  • After this, we will have to also download the following files which are the adbLink files of the Kodi for Firestick procedure. Depending on which device OS you are using, we have placed three of these files for you. Click on the link to download your appropriate adbLink file:
  • After downloading the adbLink, open it by simply clicking on it.
  • Then, select the “new” option and give a name to your Firestick device.
  • On the IP address blank, enter the appropriate one and save all the changes that you just made.
  • Then click on the “Connect” option.
  • In the list of the IP addresses that can be connected to your device, you will see that the IP of Firestick will be connected.
  • On your computer now, select the “Install APK” option and allow the Kodi for Firestick to install. Locate your Kodi APK file and click on it and run with the adbLink file program. This will allow the install to take place.
  • The notification regarding the installation process will be shown lower to the screen, at the bottom of the program bar.
  • When the installation process completes, you will get a notification pop up on the computer screen.

The Kodi on Firestick can be accessed now by following the path as given here: “Settings >> Applications >> Manage Apps >> Kodi” and finally select “launch application” option. So, this will launch the Kodi on Firestick via your TV screen. You will then be able to play content on the screen via Kodi App.

Kodi for Firestick using ES File Explorer

The next method that we will describe to your is the simple and much more deliberate method of getting Kodi for Firestick. The method involves the use of the ES File explorer application on your device. We request our readers to follow the steps given in this section to get through this method:

Kodi Firestick

  • Firstly, connect the Amazon Firestick with your TV screen and also you can get the USB port (extra) to connect to a power port of the adapter.
  • For the Firestick setup, go to its settings option and then move to the “system administrator options” followed by “Developer settings” option.
  • There you will see the ‘Apps’ section where you have to enable the same option to allow installation of apps. A warning message on this change will pop up but you will just select ‘ok’ on it to enable this option.
  • Then go to the home screen and search for the ES File Explorer. It will be under the list of the popular Fire TV Apps. Install the application on your Firestick successfully from there.
  • Next, launch the ES File Explorer, inside it, you will have to move to the favorites section and then select “Add” option.
  • Then, click on the link (which is given in the above section) to reach Kodi for Firestick App download:

Now please follow the below-given steps:

  • Select the download for any type and you will get the “next” option when the system has fetched the application files. Click on it and allow the installation to complete.
  • After the process completes, find the Kodi App on your App’s list of the Firestick menu.
  • Then launch the ES File Explorer will synchronize the application and confirm that it is the latest version available on the net. After some time of checking, the message will appear that the ‘setup is ready for further instructions’.
  • Select “Open” option after the application has fully installed on your device.
  • Finally, when the installation completes, the Kodi for Firestick is ready for use.

Users can also apply this shorter method to install Kodi on Firestick but it has only one flaw. The procedure does a double installation process which takes time. So, please be patient while going through this method’s procedures.

Kodi on Firestick by Apps2Fire App

There is also another alternative method to install Kodi for Firestick which is by using an app. In this method, we will use an app called Apps2Fire which is available on Google Play Store for all Android device users. We will use it to send Android files from the smartphone devices to the Firestick device to your TV screens.

How to install Kodi on firestick

The Android application files will trigger the ADB interface to accept the external apps and allow their installation like an Add-on with an app. Here are the steps to complete this process;

  • Firstly, you need to download and install the application Apps2Fire on your Android device. To do this, here is a link to the app’s download on the official Google Play Store.

Download Apps2Fire for Android

  • Download and install the application successfully onto your Android device and then proceed with the following steps.
  • Connect the Firestick to your TV and follow the path as given here to reach the specific options: “Settings >> System >> Developers settings”
  • Here, you will have to enable the options for allowing the Unknown Sources and the ADB interface on your Firestick.
  • Then, download and install Kodi on your Android device.
  • Leave it there and launch the Apps2Fire app, tap on its setup and provide the IP address of the Firestick that you are using. (The steps to get to the IP Address is shown within the steps of the first method in this article).
  • Save the changes and connect Apps2Fire to Firestick via the same IP.
  • You will see the options on the screen then. Now, you will select “Kodi” from among the apps in the list and allow the installation on the Firestick.

Finally, the Kodi for Firestick application is ready and you will be able to use it normally. The only drawback with this method is that if there is an error in the system then there will be no message or troubleshoot to make it right. So, carefully follow the instructions in this article to get through the process.

Finally, I would like to conclude this article here with this remark that you’ll have understood the steps to install Kodi on Firestick device. Please, do share this information with those who need it. If there is any query regarding the content of this article or the procedures explained, simply inbox us at Kodi Download App TV. Thank you.

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