Kodi APK Download for Android (Latest Update)

Guide to download Kodi APK for Android with the direct link to get the application with latest updated version.

This is an exclusive article for all Android devices users for getting the amazing Kodi APK Download on their smartphones. We have incorporated the best and simplest ways by which Kodi for Android can be easily set on your device for nonstop entertainment exposure.

The Kodi App is an open source and free application that allows users to access media content like Videos, music files, movies, and TV Streaming directly on its platform. The application changed its name from XBMC to Kodi in 2014 and has ever since, rocked the world of a majority of its fans.

If you have an Android device and want the to download Kodi APK, then follow our article here.

Kodi APK Download for Android

Firstly, we all know that the Android devices can easily synchronize with applications encoded for its Software. Kodi App is also written and set in basic C++ programming language which allows it to easily integrate with the Android OS. In this very section, we’ll directly get down to the steps to get the Kodi APK Download for your Android devices.

Kodi APK

After affirming to this, we will now move on to the steps for setting your Android device to manual installation mode for the APK file. Apps on Android devices cannot be installed without allowing this settings change, hence, follow these instructions carefully;

  1. On your Android device, go to device “Settings” followed by “Application settings”
  2. Move to the option of “Unknown Sources” and enable it.
  3. Click on the small checkbox there to tick mark it and then exit the menu.

Finally, you are ready for the actual download and installation process of the app. Click on the link here to get the Kodi APK Download for your Android device.Then follow the steps given below it;

  • The file size is 82MB so it may take some time. Wait for the downloading process to complete.
  • After that, on the Kodi APK file, select it to open its setup.
  • Select the “Install” tab at the end of the description’s page.
  • Then, wait for the installation to complete.
  • At the end of the process, click on the “open” tab to open the app directly or you can find it in the app’s drawer with other apps too.

In order to get successful working of your Kodi for Android application, firstly check the compatibility of Kodi APK with the Android devices. It is important to know the compatibility of the app version with the corresponding Android version. Well, points for the same are listed out here for you;

  • To download Kodi APK you require Android version 4.0 for compatibility with the OS.
  • The device must also have minimum RAM of about 512MB (more than 1GB preferable) for optimum performance of the Kodi App.
  • There should be about 200MB free space of the device memory for better performance.

So, this is simplest way to get the Kodi APK Download or your Android device. The manual installation process is easy and is also useful to install other apps through the APK download method.

Kodi for Android through Google Play Store

Now, there are many people who find that downloading APK files from third party sites not safe. We truly respect their stand and that is why we have another method which such people will definitely attend to. Now, Kodi App can also be downloaded as Kodi for Android from the official Google Play Store.

Kodi APK Download

The users will not have to go and look for the right Kodi APK Download everywhere, instead, they can get Kodi for Android by downloading it from the Google Play Store market. In this section of the article, we request you to execute the following steps to get through the process swiftly;

  • Firstly, make sure that your Android device contains the latest version of the Google Play Store. Update the current version to get the latest one, so that you will get latest apps easily through it.
  • Next, you should also provide a Google account sync the Play Store. This procedure is important to authorize the purchases from the Play Store App.
  • After this, launch the app store on your device and search for Kodi App in it. Simply type the term on and hit the search button for this.
  • You will get several results but you need the latest version of the official app so choose carefully.
  • Here is the direct link to the Kodi App page as on google Play Store: link
  • When the page loads, read the descriptions if you want to and then click on “Install” option there.
  • Wait for Play Store to download and install the Kodi App successfully.
  • Finally, you will find your Kodi for Android app among the apps in your app drawer of your device.

With this, the process of installing Kodi for Android devices is complete here. You can try this method to get lots of other apps too where you will not have to manually install apps, like through the Kodi APK Download, for your Android device.

Kodi App Download

Kodi App Download from Miscellaneous Stores

Since the Google Play Store services are conditional to the fact of submitting your Google Account credentials there, people also feel unsecured with this at times. Well, there are lots of more Android app stores out in the market which are legal and safe to use. Here is a list of few alternative app stores where users can find the Kodi App:

  • Amazon App Store,
  • ‘GetJar’ app or online app store,
  • SlideME,
  • Samsung Galaxy Apps, etc…

Hence, in order to download the Kodi for Android devices, user do not only have to download Kodi APK file or the Kodi App download from Google play store, they also have other options too. Browse the web to find an app store that suits your device best for free Android apps.

In conclusion to this article here, we hope that all our readers have understood the Kodi APK Download procedure and other ways also to download the Kodi App for their Android devices.

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