Kodi Download App APK for Android, iOS Kodi App

The concepts that we will cover here are Kodi Download App APK for Android, iOS (iPhone) & PC. Kodi App is a huge system, which handles many functions it. We will brush up some basics before that.

Kodi APK is a software which is open source in nature. Using this you can provide multimedia content like movies, music, sports onto the HTPC. Kodi Download makes use of addons, and these are the utilities which provide content.

Talking about the add-ons, they are the additional elements which can provide the variety of content to us. All the kind of content related to the media will be available via the add-ons.

Kodi for Android is used for playing online data, which will look amazing on large screen displays. You can connect this with your Home Theatre system, for having the best experience. In this section, we will understand the features of this application.

Kodi Download App for Android, iPhone & Windows PC:

The first release of the Kodi Download was in the form of XBMC Media Player in the year 2002. And it was recently updated in April 2016. Thus, the version which is currently used is eight months old. You can use this software in place of Windows Media Center.

This system began as Xbox Media Player, and then later they were renamed as XBMC. Now they are known by the name of Kodi. This is an open source system, which can be customized as per user’s choice. Here the customization is done by the add-ons on Kodi App.

If you wish to watch streaming content on large screen displays, then you must consider getting Kodi App. This platform allows you to play media files from both local as well as network area. You can stream online contents like movies, music, sports on this.

Kodi Download

Along with the online content, you can also stream contents which are stored offline. For example, you can play movies or any song which is stored in the local storage area. And for watching online content, you need to install appropriate add-ons when you download Kodi.

Version Kodi 16.1 (Jarvis)
Size 34.1 MB
Features User-friendly, Open Source
Quality FULL HD & 720p
Latest Update April 24, 2016
Supports Android, iPhone (iOS), Windows, Mac, Roku, Chromecast, Firestick

Addons are the basic content providers on Kodi App. If you want to enjoy content on Kodi Download, then install your favorite add-ons on it. Add-ons provide content, for all the media type including the basic entertainment categories, news, kid’s favorite channel, fashion, etc.

The current version of Kodi Download system is v16.1 Jarvis. And all the other systems are based on the same code which is present for all the supported systems.

You will find localization and internationalization features on this app. This helps in getting the system to include different languages in it. Thus you can use the system for major languages. This way Kodi Download works for the larger audience.

Kodi APK Download for Android

Following are the installation steps for getting Kodi Download APK for Android:

Before downloading the APK and installing, you need to do some settings on the Android device. You can make use of any device here, but small smartphones with less RAM is not recommended here.

Visit the Settings option on which you are willing to install the Kodi Download application. Then go to the Security heading, present within the Settings option.

Here you will get many options, go to the option Unknown Sources here. This option disables the feature of installing apps from unknown sources. For the Kodi APK installation, you have to enable this. So tick mark this option.

You will get a confirmation here for the above step. Tap on OK, and then proceed with the steps.

  1. After this, you have to visit the website of Kodi; the link is provided here. Click on the tab Downloads which is visible on the top menu bar.
  2. After this, you will get the links for the official Kodi App downloads. All these links are for Kodi Download installation on Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS, iOS. We need the Android version. So go for that link.
  3. You can skip the above 6th and 7th steps, and click on this official Kodi Android APK link provided. This is the APK provided, download this file on the Android device.
  4. Make sure that you do not close the device window, till the download process finishes. After the downloading finishes, follow the next steps.
  5. Go to the Download folder of your Android device. Follow the File Manager path to get to this folder.
  6. You will find the downloaded file here, click on this file and run it using the Package Installer.
  7. Here you will get the confirmation, so click on Yes, and then continue.
  8. The installation process will start here, and wait till the processing completes.
  9. You will get the message saying the app is now installed. Tap on the Open button now.
  10. Some updates will be done in the beginning, so let the updates run.
  11. After some time, you can exit the Kodi Download system. Some prompt will occur here, tap on the Exit option in that too.

Kodi APK

Kodi App is a vast platform, which allows the users to enjoy the online streaming content. Not only online but also offline or data stored in local storage can also be displayed. Now this software is made on various platforms.

The application of XBMC is available in more than 65 languages right now. This app is handled by a group of volunteers working at the XBMC Foundation. XBMC changed their name to Kodi App in the year 2014.

The content played on the Kodi App is the digital media which includes movies, music, news, and also offline data. Now the official version of the app is made available for the Android platform. So this makes the future of the Kodi Download safe since Android systems are adopted by many of the devices.

This way the Kodi App is now installed on your Android system. Configure the installed application with all the required add-ons by you. You can do this by using the Config Wizard or the Addon Installer.

Download Kodi for Android from Google Play Store

Yes! Kodi APK is available for Android users. They do not provide any addon for installing the software. We have to install our favorite addon, after installing this application. Kodi Download does not have any content, while you get it installed.

You need to add content on your own, and for this, you can even add content from third-party providers. No illegal content will be provided by the Kodi App here. App developers do not recommend to use the app on small phones.

The steps for installing the Kodi Download application for Android device:

  1. Visit the link of Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap on the Search space provided on the top within the Play Store.
  3. Enter the Kodi App name in this space, and search this by tapping the magnifying glass again.
  4. You will find the Kodi App in the search results, tap on the official choice.
  5. Then, complete app description will be displayed here. And there you will find the Install button. Select this option.
  6. Here the installation process will begin, and the speed of installation depends on the internet connectivity.

Kodi for Android

This way, we have to download Kodi APK for Android from Google Play Store. Open the application, and check the options displayed within it. You will see clear category options provided in this, but for the content, you will need the add-ons. Install the appropriate ones, and enjoy!

Kodi for iPhone & iOS Download

There are two ways of getting the Kodi App on iOS system, and they are by jailbreaking, and the other one is without jailbreak. For those who are new to the concept of jailbreak, this is a technique in which any iOS user can escape from the system restrictions.

Another simple definition of jailbreak is making the system in control of your hands. This means that the system will not restrict you from installing third-party apps. A normal iOS system does not allow such third-party app installations.

Download Kodi for iPhone, iPad, iOS Guide

We won’t suggest from readers to follow the jailbreak method. And now the installation is possible without jailbreaking too. So let’s see how the Kodi Download system is set on iOS system. The steps are as follows:

  1. For installation, you will require three things. And they are Kodi deb file, iOS App Signer (unzip, and download the file r17 for this), and Latest Version of Xcode Application. Among them, the iOS App Signer will require some donation in the beginning.
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPad into the Mac. Then launch the Xcode application.
  3. Choose the option of creating new Xcode Project. Make sure this option is within the Application choice, listed on the left column. Now click on the Next button. (This is very necessary step to download Kodi for iPhone)
  4. You will get a box in this step, and within it, you will be asked to explain about the application. You have to enter unique information here for Product Name, and Organisation Name.
  5. The other options listed within the box can be left as it is. If you are working on a particular app, then you can make the necessary changes in the details provided here. Now tap on the Next button.
  6. For the next box, you have to give a location for the git repository.
  7. Next, avoid giving the permission to the Xcode for accessing the contacts of yours. This is because the permission does not affect the working in any manner.
  8. At this point, you will get a pop-up notification here saying that there are no code signing identities found. You need to tap on the Fix Issue option here. Then choose the ‘Add’ option provided in the next box.
    Kodi for iPhone
  9. You will be asked to enter the credentials here. So enter the Apple ID, and sign in. Do a one step back-track here, and you will find the message asking to choose a development team to solve the issue.
  10. Select, the Choose button, provided below.
  11. The processing of the problem will begin, and within some time all the issues will be fixed.
  12. Start the iOS App Signer. In the Input file, upload the file that you unzipped in the beginning. All the other details will be present already. Application Display Name should be Kodi Download here. Then click on Start.
  13. You need to give another name in the Save As field. Provide a location here, and then save it. App Signer will take the data, and save it at the location provided. You will get a Done message within the box when the process is finished.
  14. Go to the Xcode, and then choose the Window option. Choose the Settings under this tab. Choose the iOS device, and you will get the device names which are connected with the system. Click on the + sign which is present at the bottom of the right pane.
  15. Choose the file that you saved in the step number 13 here. Some processing is done, and within some time you will find the Kodi iOS name listed in the Installed Apps category.

This the Installation method for installing Kodi Download for iPhone or iOS device without any jailbreaking. You can also do some settings here, to avoid the Untrusted Developer error message after installation.

Kodi for Windows PC Download

So if you are a Windows User, and wish to get the Kodi App installed, then no need to worry. We will provide you with the installation steps for getting Kodi Download running perfectly for your Windows system. Let’s begin with a brief intro about this app.

If you wish to enjoy the online streaming content of high definition quality, then you must install Kodi for Windows App. It is an open source platform, which makes use of add-ons for the working. You can choose your favorite addon here, based upon your interest.

Kodi for PC

Install and Download Kodi for Windows PC, and enjoy the entertainment provided to you via the app. The installation will take around 10 minutes only. And you will be set with the Kodi App running on your Windows system. The steps for installation are:

  1. First, you have to get the Installer file, which is available from the official Kodi Download website.
  2. Visit Kodi Website first. Then under the Downloads tab, you will find the links for to download Kodi official versions. These versions can be setup on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and others.
  3. So choose the Windows option, and click on the Installer button of the Release build type.
  4. And if you are too lazy to visit the site, click on this official link for the Kodi APK Windows Installer.
  5. After the file is downloaded, open the file.
  6. You will get a dialogue box here in the form of security warning. Click on the Run button for this security question.
  7. Kodi Download Setup will begin now, and you have to read the instructions and proceed with the installation here.
  8. Click on the Next button.
  9. The installation process will start, and you are required to wait for some time till the processing ends.
  10. During the installation, many system requirements are checked. When the requirements are satisfied, then only the processing will continue. Otherwise, it may halt in between the processing when you have yo get Kodi for PC.
  11. After the processing completes here, you will get the message within the Setup Box itself. And you will be required to click on the Finish button provided below.
  12. Make sure you tap the Finish button, else the installation will not be completed.

This way, the Kodi App installation for Windows platform is complete. You will be required to configure the installed app, and this can be done using the Config Wizard or the Addon Installer directly.

Download Kodi for Mac & Installation Process

In this section, we will check out the installation process to download Kodi for Mac. Till now we have seen various Kodi Download setups like for the Android platform, iOS, Windows. And now,  we will provide you with the setup for Mac systems.

Kodi for Mac

People believe that the Kodi APK installation on Mac is easier than any app installation for Windows system. We will check out the steps for installing now, and they are given as follows:

  1. You require the Mac version for the Kodi APK install. For this, go to the official Kodi Download site.
  2. Under the Downloads category, all the versions are listed. Among them, click on the Mac version of the Kodi App. Direct Link is 64-bit Release Build, so get the file downloaded completely on the Mac system.
  3. If you find version numbers provided, then check your system version and choose the appropriate one.
  4. After the file is downloaded completely, click on file.
  5. Here the file is a disk image, so you will have to extract the data from the disk image.
  6. After the extraction process ends, the disk drive will be visible on the Desktop. Now you have to open the Disk Image, which is extracted from Kodi.
  7. Next, you have to perform some transfer work. The Kodi APK icon which is visible within the window should be moved to the Applications folder. This folder is also located in the window, but you can perform this drag and drop for ease of installation.
  8. Right, click on the Disk Drive which is located in the Desktop. Then among the list of options, choose the Eject the Kodi or XBMC virtual disk.
  9. Kodi Download is installed on the Mac system now. If you wish to start the software, then visit the Applications folder. And run the app for mac from this location itself.

This is the best way to download Kodi on Mac device. And here too Kodi APK configuration is required, for installing the addons on this. You can make use of the Config Wizard or the Addon Installer for this purpose.

How to use Kodi App

Kodi Download is mainly used for streaming data online as well as data stored in hard disk. You can handle the system easily here. Here we will provide you with the guidance on how to use the Kodi App rightly.

As mentioned before, handling Kodi App is not much difficult. But installing the add-ons, and then handling them may get you in some confusion. You will be all set with the handling after reading out this section.


We will check the appearance of the application first. The background color is blue, and the skin used in this is named as Confluence. The skin is similar to the concept of theme, and it can be changed as per user requirement.

For Video:

This will explain to you the steps required for watching video content on Kodi App. And the points that must be followed here are given below:

  1. You get two options for watching video content here; one is to watch the saved videos. And the next one is to watch online video content.
  2. If you want to watch already saved video content, then click on the Files option.
  3. Then you will get the Kodi Download browser, where you can search for the file which you want to watch. It is similar to the File Manager option available on smartphones.
  4. You need to save the video in a right manner so that you don’t face trouble while searching for it.
  5. Then you need to select the Add Files option, then scroll down to locate the folder name. And then save the file as the source.
  6. Now if you wish to watch content online, then the option of Video Addons is to be selected. Then opt for the Get More… choice. A list of extensions will be provided here, and this gives you the access to more content.
  7. If you have located the one that you wish to watch, then just select that content. And then click on the option Install.
  8. This is also seen when you stream music content; Kodi APK provides a set of controls so that you can easily perform the operation. The progress of the installation will be displayed on the main Kodi Download screen, to avoid any confusion.

Now, we will read the tips while surfing the music content on Kodi App.

For Music:

In this section, we will list out the steps to be followed while you are accessing music contents on Kodi App. You have to perform the similar steps to access video contents when you directly download Kodi APK. To access the music content, you need to first select the MUSIC tab on the first screen.

  1. Under the main Music tab, you will get two options Files and Addons.
  2. If you wish to listen to the saved music contents, then choose the Files option. After this, you will be able to stream music which is saved by you on Kodi.
  3. You can also place a folder with complete music contents, on the source side. To do this, you have to simply add music, select the folder, and then save it as a source.
  4. And if you wish to discover more music contents online, then go with the Add-ons sub-heading.
  5. After you get the right music option, click on it, and Kodi Download will now begin to play the music for you. Also, it has got a visualiser with it, which activates if you leave the system idle for a long time.

So these are points that you need to follow if you want to access Music contents on Kodi.

Features of Kodi Download App

Now we will check out the features of the Kodi Download software:

  1. The first feature is the open source nature of it. This means that the software can be designed as per user’s interest. Thus it can be improvised as per one’s choice. This will help in enhancing the user interface of the software.
  2. There is one Addon Manager present in the Kodi App. Also, there are open API working here, which enables third-party developers to collaborate with the XBMC system.
  3. The contents displayed here are of the high definition quality.
  4. Kodi APK downloads the relevant metadata information automatically.
  5. This allows the users to create their build, which acts as a theme on the Kodi Download system.
  6. It provides web interface addons for this system, which can handle the music addon remotely. This controlling can be done using a computer instead of television.
    Kodi App
  7. There is one section called My Programs in Kodi. The sole task of this section is to launch the application on the XBMC. And here mainly, third party application are run using the Programs department.
  8. Kodi Download requires the presence of plugins, for performing certain tasks. One such task is to launch an application mentioned in the previous point. And to perform this task, you will require third-party application launcher plugins installed on Kodi App.
  9. This application can play CD/DVD content via the DVD-ROM drive.
  10. If you have an internet connection at your place, then you watch online web site contents of YouTube, Netflix and much more. You will enjoy all these contents on a larger screen, thus making a great experience for you.
  11. Almost all extension type media-related content can be displayed on this Kodi Download system.
  12. Kodi APK Download runs both video as well as audio on it.
  13. There is one other system, which is named as KodiBuntu. This OS is a combination of the Kodi App and Ubuntu.

So these are some of the major features of the Kodi Download system. We have listed some of them above, read them and use the system completely.

How to use Chromecast with Kodi?

You can install Chromecast with Kodi Download in two different ways; one method is the longer way, and the other one is the shorter way. We will provide you both the ways in this section. We will begin with the longer way.

The Long Way of Installation is provided in the following section: Kodi Chromecast

  1. To get started with the installation, you need to download some files. The files are LocalCast, Kodi, ES File Explorer, and the XML File PlayerFactoryCore.
  2. After you have got all the above elements installed and running on your system, click on the ES File Explorer first. After this, click on the Settings option. Then opt for Display Settings. You have to make sure that the option Show hidden files are ticked here.
  3. Next task is to make sure that your XBMC system is connected to the Kodi App.
  4. Now click on the ES File Explorer. Then choose the Downloads folder in this.
  5. In this folder, you will find the XML file name PlayerFactoryCore. This is the same file which was downloaded in the first step.
    Kodi Chromecast
  6. Just copy this file, and then navigate to the location Android then Data. At this location, you will get a file named as org.xbmc.kodi. It depends on the streamer which you are using.
  7. Once you have completed the steps, choose the Files option. Then click on the .kodi file. Again it can be .xbmc depending on the streaming service you are using. Then tap on the user data choice. Within this folder, you have to copy the XML file PlayerFactoryCore.
  8. Start the Kodi, and then move to the video file that you will like to watch.
  9. LocalCast will be launched at this step, even though it will ask you once to choose the casting app of your choice.
  10. You will get a prompt message here, for confirming to Play the content. And also the device selection is also asked here.
  11. You need to click on the Play button again if you wish to play the content on the Chromecast connected TV.

So this is the long method by which you can connect Chromecast with Kodi App. Now we will check out the short method by which you can set up the Kodi Download on Chromecast.

Short Way:

  • Start the Chromecast app on your Android device.
  • Check the menu options, and then opt for Cast screen/audio choice. Then follow the instructions which follow here.
  • Launch the Kodi App.
  • Search for the video that you wish to watch, and then click on the play option for the video.
  • Now the video will be played across both the platforms. But now you won’t be able to perform any other task on the cell. And also, you can’t receive any call too.

So this is the short method for running Kodi on Chromecast. You can follow any method since both of them are still working.

Kodi for Roku Download & Install

The system of Kodi Download was known by the name of XBMC. This media player is available for Windows, Android, Mac OS systems. But this system is not compatible to run on Roku player. We will provide with the reason for this incompatibility.

Talking about the Roku media player, this is a set-top box which provides content for TV. The contents provided here include music, tv series, movies for the television platform. This player provides quality content from Top Channels.

We can connect Internet connection with the Roku system, and stream content. This platform can be set for Raspberry Pi, and then set up this with the Kodi for Roku. This media center is an award winner and using this system you can stream contents directly from the Internet.

Kodi Roku

Kodi Download supports the major operating systems like the Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi. Now the reason behind the Roku not working on Kodi App system is that it is based native C application while Roku does not support such applications.

Kodi APK makes use of native C/C++ language, while Roku does not support any native application code. Here the Kodi App team is helpless to get their software running on Roku. If Roku supports native C/C++ codes, then only Kodi Download on Roku will be running for you.

Kodi Alternatives: Apps like Kodi

In this section, we will check out some of the alternatives. There are many similar working apps that can be used instead of the Kodi Download application. We will list out some of the trending ones out of all the Kodi APK alternatives available.

Some of the best Kodi like working apps are as follows:

Plex- This software provides quality content related to music, movies and much more. The key feature of the app is the feature of streaming data on remote devices like PC or tab.

Also if your PC is not setting right with the media content, then the software will adjust according to the system version. The media can be paused in between, and then played back on a different device.

Emby- The app works in the best way in organizing different types of content. The interface found here is a user-friendly one. Also, you will easily find your favorite content related to music, movies, and others.

Next feature of Emby is that you can integrate both Emby and the Kodi App to form a new system. This newly created system will have the system features and utilities of Emby and Kodi App. It is an open source in nature so you can install add-ons on this.

Infuse- The next alternative is the Infuse software. It is a multi-platform system, which supports both the subtitles and media codec. Also, you can play content through many devices at once if all of them are connected by Infuse.

The major benefit of using this is that you won’t require converting any media file for different media devices. Also, you can import file from Google Drive, iTunes, DropBox, etc. You can play 4K using this software. This is one of the best apps like Kodi.

Download Kodi

Univeral Media Server- The interface found in this software is a simple one. The installation found in this easy. Using this you could play content over a set of devices, and also in different media format. This system will not need many configurations to be done.

This system also makes use of an appropriate content player, based on the network speed. And it will help in eliminating the drawback of having slower devices. Remote access controls are missing from this system.

OSMC- This is a new release, still comes with pretty good functions. OSMC is the abbreviation of Open Source Media Center. And here, you can easily play content stored on local storage as well as from the Internet. This is a genuine Kodi alternative application.

This software supports many TV tuners and WiFi Adapters too. There are two UIs offered by this, one is the desktop version, and the other one is web based one.

So these are some of the popular alternatives that can be used instead of the Kodi App system. Now we will understand the installation of Kodi Download on Firestick, and Apple TV.

How to Install Kodi on Firestick?

You can install and Download Kodi on Firestick easily. We have got two methods to get this done. One method is using the File Explorer, and the other one is using adbLink. We will check out the first method; that is using the File Explorer.

The steps for installing Kodi on Firestick using File Explorer:

  1. Choose the Settings option first.
  2. After this go to the System heading.
  3. There you will get the Developer Options. Click on that.
  4. Here you will get the option of Apps from Unknown Sources. Make sure that this option is turned ON here. Also, you need to activate the ADB Debugging option.
  5. You will receive a warning message when you turn on for installation from unknown sources. Click on OK. You can turn off this option after the app is installed on your system.
    Install Kodi on Firestick
  6. Go to the Home Screen now, and search for ES File Explorer in typing this in the search space. Select the option, and get this installed on your system. This point is for those who have not registered.
  7. You need to visit the Downloads section and select the File Explorer option. The file name is http://bit.ly/2i2mHFB, so you can directly access this link for installation.
  8. Name the File as Kodi, and then proceed.
  9. Here you will get the Download button, tap on this button.
  10. At this stage, the installation process will begin.
  11. After the downloading completes, we can say that the Kodi Download on Firestick is all set.
  12. To access this newly installed Choromcast on Kodi App.

This way Kodi APK has been setup via Chromecast for your system. To access this, first, go to the Settings option > Applications. Then choose the Manage Installed Applications option. Within this you will get the Kodi Download option, now you need to just launch the application.

How to Download & Install Kodi on Apple TV?

Kodi App is an open-source platform which lets the users enjoy streaming media content on large display areas. You can use this software on an array of operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, etc. You can also set Kodi Download on Chromecast, Firestick, and many other systems.

By using this software, you can enjoy streaming data which includes music, video, movies, and much more. Along with this, you can also play offline content, which is played directly from the local storage. We have also got AirPlay software which lets the users stream content to the Apple TV using an iOS device. But Kodi APK offers a bit different service.

Kodi APK does not support the 2nd generation Apple TV. Because of this, you won’t be able to get any updates further on this Apple TV. The main feature of Kodi APK which is liked by the users is the level of customization.

The elements which are required for the Kodi Download on Apple TV are iOS App Signer Utility, .deb file of the Kodi APK (latest for TV OS), Xcode Application(7.2 or higher version), and finally an App Developer Account.

As mentioned before, Kodi APK does not support 2nd gen Apple TV. Do not throw away your TV for this very reason, as you can still install Helix version on it. You could also run older versions of the system smoothly.

FAQs Kodi App

Here we will provide you with some frequently asked questions.

Which are the formats and the resolutions supported by Kodi Download for iOS?

Kodi APK on iOS can play almost all the formats which are supported by a standard Kodi platform. High profile encoded videos which are not interlaced supports high definition videos. Some exceptions are iPhone 4s and iPad2 which supports HD codecs. Also, videos with 16 reference frames will not play correctly.

What is the meaning of portable mode on Windows?

This mode helps in provide a flexible environment when you need to install multiples of the same version or many different versions. Avoid running the Kodi Download system in the last stage of installation. Also, check that the user data is not overwritten while the system is on upgrade.

Which are the general system requirements for running Kodi Download on Windows?

The minimum OS requirement here is Windows Vista. The recommended ones are Windows 7 or higher. The system makes use of Intel 8086 chip. And the minimum GUI support present should be DirectX version.

Audio or video playback issues for Kodi Download Mac OS

If you are receiving audio only from the left side speakers, then change the audio settings from 2.1 to 2.0 and check again. Check for the correct speaker setup, and only audio codec is enabled for receiver support.

So these are some of the frequently asked questions by the Kodi App users. So we believe that your doubts are now cleared with the answers provided here.

We believe that Kodi Download App APK for Android, iOS and Windows helped you in the right way. You are free to ask your doubts/queries in the comment section provided. Till then, keep visiting us on Kodi App.